Current Favourite Beauty Products

Let's begin with my current favourite skincare line, Indie Lee. I tend to have skin that is on the oilier side, so I had never attempted to use any sort of an oil on my face. But let me say, I am obsessed with Indie Lee's squalane face oil! I use it every morning and every night before sleep. You only need a few drops and your skin will feel super fresh and smooth. The toner is also alcohol-free meaning it will never dry out your skin. I have also heard amazing things about the Brightening Cleanser!




Naturally, I have very curly hair, but recently got a keratin treatment, so now my hair is fizz-free and some-what straight when I leave the shower. So, now my hair routine is much shorter! These are the products I use to get super sleek and shiny hair.



Living in Canada, the weather is so cold during the winter that it tends to dry out your lips. So a lip care kit is a must, 'cause there's nothing more gross than flaky chapped lips, am I right? Thankfully, Sara Happ, has everything you need from sugar scrubs, to lips masks. 

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